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As the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of jute products , Bangladesh took up the issue back
in 1990 in view of its responsibility and commitment on jute sector . It is experimented with various batching oils to develop a solution that would remove all concerns from the customers' mind . Finally in the same year (1990) it resolved to use refined edible palm olein oil to eliminate possible hydrocarbon contamination. In view of this reason ,

* Bangladeshi “These special Jute products” have been accepted by the esteemed
European Laboratories and end-users.
* We have been supplying its food grade jute products for a decade now with full
satisfaction of the users all over the world.
* Our food grade jute bags conforms the IJO Standard 98/01.

Uniqueness of Genuine

We produce our products from the finest quality jute fiber. As such we have an extra advantage in manufacturing of food grade jute bags/products .

@ The batching oil (refined edible palm olein oil) is tested regularly by the Institute of Food Science and Technology of the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) before use .

@ For routine cleaning and maintenance of the machinery used in manufacturing food grade bags/products . Only vegetable based materials are used instead of mineral based lubricants, oils & greases as an extra precaution.

@ Our Research Division has established special analytical laboratory facilities for testing the food grade bags/products as per IJO 98/01 references before going on production .

Testing Certification

The Ministry of Jute has designated five Laboratories for testing and certification of food grade jute bags.
These Laboratories are >

- Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR),
- Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI),
- Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institute (BSTI),
- Directorate of Jute,
- SGS (Bangladesh) Limited

These Laboratories independently collect samples of food grade jute bags/products from different manufacturers, test these for the conformity with IJO Standard and issue certificates accordingly.

The undermentioned methods to be followed for maintaining the “IJO 98/01” conformity >

1. Methods for the determination of added oil con-tent of jute yarn, rove and fabric, British Standard 3845: 1990.

2. International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) 2.401.

3. Sacks for the Transport of food aid, European Standard EN 766.


Key Benefits of the Jute Products

We would love to tell you all about jute. Jute is a vegetable fiber that can be spun into strong threads. Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibers and in addition, after cotton, the most widely used. The plants from which jute is obtained occurs mainly in hot, humid areas as Bangladesh

  The jute products and jute goods will also help in reducing pollution from our environment and our planet. The overall production of poly ethylene or PVC would be reduced, which is used in making carry bags which are highly pollution contributor. As the poly bags have become our eye sore as they are the major source of the littering and can be found any where in the world.

We are specialized in Jute products. Our every units are full of expert & efficient persons. For this our products are fully controlled with the quality goods at a very reasonable price!
We never believe in tall talk . Our providing service towards our valued customers will say everything . We are very much capable to supply any quantity of all types of jute products!
We never believe in one time business . Our commitment is to our valued customers with Ensuring quality products as per the contract, Timely shipment. We do pre-shipment inspection by SGS or any other International reputed surveyor as per customer’s choice at our own cost. After shipment , we always follow up the container position and time to time our follow up team provides the information to the consignee of the container.