22 Jul 2015

Sacking Bags

There is a huge demand of sacking bags in agro based sector through out the world . For this we maintain a special sacking unit who are very expertise in sacking bags.  Sacking bags are heavier in weight and have a coarse texture as the fabric is made generally from the lower grade raw jute.  The weaving process is single weft and double warp and available in plain or twill form. Jute sacking bags find primary importance in the agro-based and cement industries for storing bulking commodities ranging from 50-100 kgs.

Some of the commodities packed in sacksing bags are rice, sugar, wheat, coffee, cocoa, onion, peanuts, black pepper, potato, cotton, fertilizer, seeds and other bulky materials.

22 Jul 2015

Hessian Bag & cloth

Finding the demands in the world market on Hessian Jute Bag and cloth , we have a special Hessian unit . Hessian cloth / bags are produced from the fine quality Raw jute , for this they collect the special quality Raw Jute from the field . Due to this reason , there is a great demand of our Hessian bags and cloths all over the world .

Hessian bag is available as plain, treated (rot-proof), custom-printed, dyed or bleached variety.  This fabric is lighter than sacking cloth due to finer quality. Hessian bags, also popularly known as burlap in North America and gunny in some countries, are extensively used for packing a wide variety of commodities, e.g. sugar, onion, coffee, cocoa, peanut, food grains, tea, tobacco etc. 

We supply different types of Hessian cloth from 7-oz to 16-oz and also different sizes of Hessian sheets as per customer’s demand.

We offer best quality stitched bags as per customers’ requirement.  Due to our extensive experience in stitching bags, we cater to demands of our esteemed customer of making bags of different sizes and quality.

22 Jul 2015

Vegetable oil Treated Bags

Hydrocarbon free bags are now increasingly used in the agro-based industries.  Traditional jute bags contain mineral-oil based batching oil and therefore there is a chance of contamination and odor from the oil.  To remove this problem, jute manufacturing process use vegetable batching oil.  Thus the bags are protected against any contamination of hydrocarbons as well as devoid of kerosene odor. With the use of vegetable oil, hydrocarbon free bags meet international quality standards of packing agro-based products.

Some of the key advantages of using hydrocarbon free bags are following:

  1. Safest way to pack agro-based products as the bag preserves in the most natural way
  2. Use of non-toxic vegetable oil is compulsory for packing some agro-based products
  3. The advantages of jute biodegradability, breathability and other benefits remain intact
  4. No off flavors or taste when edibles are stored in the bag.

These bags are now popular in packing rice, potato, cocoa, coffee, peanuts, and onion among others.  We can also include a tag on the bag with ‘Vegetable oil treated – IJO98/01 Standard’ sign for greater awareness.

The undermentioned methods to be followed for maintaining the “IJO 98/01” conformity >

  1. Methods for the determination of added oil con-tent of jute yarn, rove and fabric, British Standard 3845: 1990.
    2. International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) 2.401.3. Sacks for the Transport of food aid, European Standard EN 766.

This fabric is available in the sacking or hessian fabric.  Buyer’s need to inform us about the bag size and quality.

03 Jun 2015

Jute diversified products

It’s a very special unit of ours . We plant this unit in order to prove ourselves in modern world fashion market . A lot of female workers work in this unit . We produce ladies bag , parts , floor mat, any fashionable bags which are exclusively made from jute as per customers choice & demand. The valued customers may also provide their designs , we will make them as per their given design and choice.

We also make the souvenir from Jute as per the demand of our valued customers .