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23 Nov 2017

Jute and Geotextile

Geotextile particularly jute geotextiles are recently emerging technologies in geotechnical and bio-engineering fields. Geo textiles are not a single commodity. These are fabricated by both synthetic and natural fiber with different design, shape, size, composition according to functional need. These applications are generally categorized as; soil stabilizer, application at the interface  of the formation of soil and the track back to minimize pumping of fine soil into granular materials; to lay beneath asphalt surface to delay crack development; consolidation of soil through filtration and drainage by filter cake formation; application as erosion control; reinforcement of civil construction; moisturization, protection from rain, wind, light and cold etc.

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22 Oct 2015

Trendy Use of Jute as Textile Fibre

Jute is one of the most important textile fibres. It is used for manufacturing various items for use various purposes. The demand for jute products has increased mainly on account of development of agriculture and industries in the world.

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20 Oct 2015

Jute Geotextile – Advantages and Market Growth

Advantage of Jute Geotextile

Jute Geotextile is much cheaper than synthetic fibre. It is easy to blend with other natural material and synthetic fibres. Jute Geotextile is environmental friendly, biodegradable, hydrophobic, anionic and locally available materials. Initially it has got the high strength and non-hazardous properties. It is also a renewable source of energy as natural biomass.

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